Institute of African Studies - Columbia University

Crisis and War in the Horn of Africa: What Crisis? Whose Story?

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W 2:10pm-4:00pm
Elleni Zeleke
The Horn of Africa is often described as a disaster story, a land of terror, crisis, and failure. But is it really a place in crisis? In what ways and for whom? For the people of the region, what constitutes meaningful social and political life? Is it possible to approach politics in the Horn of Africa through lenses other than those of violence and disaster? Are there other methods of understanding the experiences of crisis and recovery? In addition to examining emerging research trends in the region this course examines various approaches to the questions of war, humanitarian intervention, peace building, democratization, and economic reform. It considers how the study of popular culture, religious change, and social movements provide other ways to think about collective life. THe seminar is intended for those interested in the study of Africa and the Middle East, and other regions that may seem bleak but can provide new ways of understanding politics.