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Institute of African Studies - Columbia University

Africanists: New York

Name School/Department Area of Study / Research
Abena Asare
Wagner College
Staten Island, NY
African history, focusing on nationalism and international human rights
Adeolu Ademoyo
(607) 255-7256
Cornell University
ASRC at Cornell
Ithaca, NY
African Philosophy: Ethics, Epistemology and Aesthetics. The locus of African Languages in delineating met-ethical concepts in African moral discourse, gender issues; family and social structures
Akbar Muhammad
Binghamton University
Vestal, NY
African history, Islam in Africa, slavery in Muslim Africa, Muslims in the United States, and integration in Nigeria through the use of education
Amir Idris
Fordham University
History, Political Science
New York, NY
History and politics of colonialism, on slavery and race, and on postcolonial citizenship in Northeast and Central Africa
Anne C. Bailey
(607) 777-6113
Binghamton University
Vestal, NY
the history of the Atlantic slave trade and its impact on Africa and its worldwide diaspora
Anne Rice
(718) 960-8972
Lehman College
African and African American Studies
Bronx, NY
African American literature, U.S. modernism, representations of lynching in U.S. literature, diaspora studies, migration narratives, autobiography, postcolonial theory
Anthony Browne
CUNY Hunter
New York, NY
Black Diasporic communities with a focus on community organizations, social movements, racial inequality, Africana sociology, and popular culture (particularly hip-hop)
Antina von Schitzler
212.229.5400 x1486
The New School
International Relations
New York, NY
citizenship and political subjectivities, cities and urban infrastructures, liberalism and neoliberalism, colonialism and post-colonialism and South Africa, water provision in Johannesburg focusing in particular on a controversial water infrastructure project in Soweto, citizenship, protest and neoliberal reforms in post-apartheid South Africa
Awam Amkpa
212 998 1850
New York University
Africana Studies
New York, NY
African diasporic drama and film; transnationalism, postcolonial theory
Bertrade Ngo-Ngijol Banoum
(718) 960-8669
Lehman College
African and African American Studies
Bronx, NY
gender and women's studies; African cultural studies, with a focus on African oral traditions, African languages and linguistics; translation studies; French and Francophone/Diaspora studies, women's human rights; gender construction in language and society; African women's verbal art and knowledge production; women's movements: from local organizing to global networking for social change