Institute of African Studies - Columbia University

Morenikeji Akinade

Morenikeji Akinade is a third year JD student at Columbia Law School. She was born in Philadelphia but raised largely in Lagos, Nigeria. As an undergraduate at Northwestern University, she had the opportunity to intern at the Lekki Free Trade Zone in Lagos, a joint venture between the Nigerian and Chinese governments. Her experience kindled her interest in foreign direct investment in African countries and she has had the opportunity to learn more about the legal, political and economic issues surrounding foreign direct investment and sustainable development while at the law school.  Morenikeji is a member of the Law in Africa Student Society and has been involved in organizing the annual African Economic Forum for the past three years. She has also had the opportunity to organize a reading group on Contemporary Legal Issues in Africa at the law school. In addition to her interest in foreign direct investment on the continent, she has also researched and written about antitrust legislation and regulation in Nigeria and Kenya.


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