Institute of African Studies - Columbia University

Bianca Flamengo

Bianca Flamengo is a first year Master of Public Administration in Development Practice student. She comes from a mixed family with roots in Guinea-Bissau, Cape-Verde and Portugal. She grew up in Guinea-Bissau and worked as a development consultant before coming to SIPA. Her work involved different sectors and entailed collaborating with the public and private sector, national and international development partners as well as with community-based organizations. 
One of the things she is most proud of is having the chance to work side by side her mom and other cool artists to promote the amazing art done with very little resources. Among the confusion of recent conflicts and the healing process after the independence from Portuguese colonialism, they are little by little (re)finding their identity through thier creolle art. The picture she is sharing depicts one of her favorite activities, helping out with backstage work to make sure every event does justice to her mother's beautiful creations. The photo is taken at an event promoting her mother's- BIBAS - creation using national died fabrics from the Women's Association in Bafata).
At SIPA, Bianca hopes that exchanging ideas with people from different parts of the world that are experiencing the same issues as Guinea-Bissau will enhance her contribution to her home country's development.

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